Pastor Geneve Investment fraud review. Pastor Geneve is now using a new name, American Institute of Diamond Cutting.

As traditional investments become less popular due to lower returns, high yield investments have become more attractive to fraudsters. High yield investments are generally considered to include shares, undeveloped land, wine and collectables such as art or classic cars.  The average victim of an investment scam loses £20,000.  See the guides below to popular investment frauds. It is impossible to describe how each scheme works as the only boundaries that are known are the scope and depth of the fraudster’s imagination. Some examples are: Share purchase known as Boiler Room where a fake company offers a unique guaranteed opportunity. Undeveloped land sold in small plots on the premise of gaining planning permission for housing. Wine investment sold later for a large tax free profit. Banks from remote areas of the world offering Bank Guarantees for hundred's of millions of dollars

Pastor Geneve scammed millions, and now they have changed the name! BE WARE


AIDC Advantage: Home The Direct Source for Sophisticated Diamond Collectors & Investors, AIDC Advantage Corp. is the marketing arm of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting.

AIDC which stands for American Institue of diamond cutting is now working with Pastor Geneve. Garry Cooke Diamonds and other precious materials such as gold hold their value and in recent years their prices as commodities have risen markedly.  This makes them attractive to fraudsters who will use this to obtain your money. Method Investors are usually cold called by salespeople promoting diamonds or gold for example, that can be purchased in small amounts. The investor is encouraged to invest as it tax free and the longer it is held, the greater the profit. The fraudsters may also contact the investor and advise spending more money in a larger stone for example. They will then say that they will transfer the value of the existing stone across to complete the purchase. The stone or metal does not exist. Advice Do not respond to callers trying to sell you investments. Simply hang up the telephone. Don’t let the company pressure you into buying because they say the offer won’t be there tomorrow. Hang up and take a day or two to consider your options. Exercise considerable caution when investing your money especially in precious stones and precious metals. Always seek independent / legal advice before committing to any investment.

Look how Pastor Geneve is scamming and Why they are coming under review

Pastor Geneve is not even using a actual wholesale database or going to the diamond auction tenders as they claim they are. Has Pastor Geneve offered you a diamond with a beautiful image and a GIA certificate? Well take a look at this website: Pastor Geneve is using leibish diamonds inventory and dramatically increasing the prices

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